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A newsletter is a great way to provide interesting, useful information to a targeted audience. Use your newsletter to market your products or services to current customers, or to generate interest in your company or organization. The lead story will command the most attention, so be sure to place the most important story as the lead story in your newsletter.

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The subject matter that appears in newsletters is virtually endless. You can include stories that focus on current events, recent economic trends, or innovations in your field. Use your newsletter to provide regular updates to your clients and customers, or to convey timely information and advice.

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The headline is an important part of your newsletter and should be considered carefully. Each headline should be clear and concise, and should accurately represent the contents of the story. Try to make the headline interesting enough to draw readers into the story.†

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Use the Spotlight to highlight† important features or points of interest.

To catch the readerís attention, place and interesting sentence or quote from the story here.

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